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I’m not going to demand that you drop everything to look at this. I am not going to say you don’t have a heart if you don’t reblog this.

But please, if you do have the time, I would greatly appreciate it if you read this post, and perhaps considered either donating a small amount or commission me, or at the very least help to spread the word around. Because frankly I need all the help I can get right now.

This is Sebastian, one of two black cats I own. He is a siamese mix and around 3 to 4 years old, sweet, curious, fun-loving, and the biggest love bug you will ever meet. These pictures were taken not even an hour ago when I had to leave him at the vet’s office overnight.

Earlier this afternoon, Sebastian got a hold of one of my sewing needles and managed to swallow it before I could get it away from him. Being the responsible pet parent that I am, I rushed off to a 24 hour emergency care center for animals right away, and after some debate, I agreed to have them try performing an endoscope procedure to see if they can pull the needle out of his stomach as quickly and as non-invasively as possible. However, the procedure is still going to be expensive, at least $2,757.39 on the low end (if things go as well as they possibly can), and $3,241.20 on the high end.

I am really hoping it goes as well as it can, and there are no complications, because if the needle happened to tear at his insides he will need surgery. Which will no doubt add another hefty amount to his bill.

I am a young student who is unemployed, living in a tiny studio apartment with a roommate and surviving off of what money my mother can give me.

Even with the Care Credit I qualified for, which lets me pay the amount interest free over a 6 month period, that still means I need to fork out at least $300 extra dollars a month to pay his bill on time.

So friends, fandom followers, fellow Tumblrites, I need help. If you are capable of donating any amount you can afford, please, I gladly welcome it. If you would prefer, I am also taking small art commissions. I don’t have much uploaded on Tumblr, but please refer to my art tag for some examples of the art skill I possess.

Commissions will be done in a bust/upper body shots, since that is where I am most confident and will be more able to turn out pictures as fast as I can.

Pricing is as follows:

Pencil sketch - $4

Ink + Color - $6

Each additional character to the picture will be an extra $1

Money can be directed to my PayPal account at, and I will be working to get a donation button on my page soon enough.

I will draw any character, any fandom, any paring, het, slash, WHATEVER YOU WANT as long as it remains under a PG-13 rating. Sex is hard to draw.

Please, please, my animals are like my children! It pains me to think of living without them, it would literally feel like the death of a child. I am not ready to live without this sweet and loving boy in my life just yet.

If you cannot donate, I humbly ask you just spread this around as much as you can, tell other people who you know that might be interested that I am taking commissions and direct them to my Ask or my Submit boxes.

Normally I am quite resourceful and I am able to take care of things myself, but this time around the situation has gotten out of my financial reach… I appreciate and I am thankful for whatever help I can get!

Update: the kitty is now home and needle-free. Apparently, aside from being somewhat groggy, he’s doing well.

It’s a relief to know your loved ones (regardless of species) are going to be okay, but large medical bills still aren’t so much fun.

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